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All promotion for this years recital was inspired by a painting done by Chief Arnold Jacobs.
He donated his artwork to the Oneida Longhouse after their successful recital.

The original image

Truly an amazing piece!  Chief Jacobs captures the Peacemaker’s urgency to help the people and the colors foretell the turmoil ahead.  The visual fit so well that it inspired the Grand Council Delegation responsible for reciting the Great Law of Peace to use it as the image that will represent all future recitals.

Today the original acrylic on canvas hangs above the door in the Oneida Longhouse.  A beautiful reminder of a successful first recitation of the Great Law of Peace.

  • An original painting by Chief Arnold Jacobs.
  • Gifted to the Oneida Longhouse, 2013


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  • Committee member Artie K. Martin designed all promotion.
  • Did you notice all 6 Haudenosaunee languages are used on the poster?
  • A blue sky breaks through to signify rough times always pass.
  • Use the poster as a keepsake!  Keep notes on it or ask for autographs!