August 2013 – The Great Law Recital took place in Oneida Nation of the Thames. It was a great success seeing approximately 500 people per day.

November 2013 – The presenters decided to come together to talk about how the Great Law Recital in Oneida was accepted and that it was a success, plus to have a planning meeting for the next Great Law Recital to enquire to which community would be the next host community. Sid Hill requested that Onondaga Nation to be the next host and it was agreed by the presenters. The recorded copies of the recital were given to the respective councils for their review. At this time it was put on the table as to what would be done with the DVDs that were produced such as education or to put up for sale. Also during this meeting it was decided that Marlene Doxtator would stay on as co-ordinator and Alisyn Ninham would assist her with the coordination of Great Law Recitals in the future and to help the speakers/presenters.



December 2013 – Meeting held in Onondaga, Sid Hill reported that Onondaga would host the next recital but no date was confirmed at this time, however the time frame that was discussed was possibly around strawberry time in June or in August. Also discussed was the breakdown of the days for the recital – it was suggested to do 15 minutes in the language and then 15 minutes for translation or to use illustrated pictures through a power point so people could follow along as it was being recited. It was also suggested that the recital be done in the Onondaga language. As well as having the decolonization workshop done as well. It was also decided at this meeting that the DVDs would not be for sale and would be strictly left with the respective councils. It was also suggested to have the belts at the next recital and have a speaker speak about the belts as education that is really needed for our people.

January 2014 – During this meeting the decision of the date had not been decided as there were no Onondaga representatives present due to their Mid-Winter Ceremonies happen at this time. During this meeting it was asked by Tom Porter “why are you doing the Great Law Recital?” he also stated that we should be taking the great law seriously and that we need to be talking about our responsibilities and understanding what we are doing that is best for our communities and our people. Our people are asking for leadership and that is our responsibility that we as leaders should take very serious.



February 2014 – Dates were tentatively set for August 4-10, 2014. August 4 was to do the tobacco burning in Tyendinaga. August 5 – Bob Antone to do decolonization workshop, August 6-10 Leroy would start the recital, with the possibility of Tracey doing the translation. Richard suggested that a representative for each of the nations be present during the tobacco burning. Sid and Leroy were to find the history on the belts. Roles and Responsibilities were discussed as well as clan meetings and family lines, and how we need to start bringing the families back to their rightful lines. It was also suggested that research be done about the belts and have the young men do the teachings and invite them to the next meeting. Sid to bring the belts Onondaga has and it was suggested that Leroy ask for the ones that Six Nations holds. Then do to a community to community teaching on these belts let the people see them. Let the people know that the do exist and the belts are real because a lot of our people do not know about this history.

March 2014 – Approval was given by the farm owner to do that tobacco burning. Date change requested but Bob Antone to coincide with the moon cycles. Sid present the meeting with one belt, Leroy explained it was denied to bring the belts Six Nations holds to the meetings. “As long as we believe in our ways and our story we can be stronger. Stand together and protect each other.” Sid Hill brought forward the idea of bringing the belts to Tonawada for teachings. It was also stated by Howard Elijah that the teachings are not being done the way they should be to the young people. Dates have been changed and confirmed for July 27 – August 1, 2014 in Onondaga NY. Also suggested to start from where it was left off in Oneida.



April 2014 – During this meeting we had a presentation done by Rick Hill on his research on the Great Law of Peace and the various versions. As well as a presentation Ken Maracle for the Wampum Belt teachings using replicas. Report given on Bonnie Whitlow and the Peace Makers Journey. Onondagas Coordinator was introduced – it will be Kevin Powless. Lot^t and Bonnie to come to next meeting and give information of the Peace Makers Journey. Leroy stated we need to keep a connection with peace makers’ journey. Leroy and Tracey will take care of the recital of the story. Richard, Bob, and Tom will be taking care of the part in regards to the condolence strings. There will be dry runs for the recital to be held in Akweasene and Onondaga. Prophecies and laws to be discussed for the next meeting, which Marlene and Rick to research and how this ties into the great law..

We are all working together for the better understanding of how we should be living, which involves trust, respect and honesty and to help each other and be real together for our communities and our people.